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Tina Carter is Sole to Soul TLC

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Helping you heal from your Sole to our Soul

Welcome! Let me introduce myself to you. My name is Tina Carter and I own Sole to Soul TLC. I am on a journey of discovery. Of myself, others, and the world. Of myself first and foremost. You see, if I don't understand and love myself, I can't be there for others in the way they need me to be. I believe it starts with me and has a ripple effect to those I come in contact with.

If I don't understand and love myself, I can't be there for others in the way they need me to be. I believe it starts with me and has a ripple effect to those I come in contact with.

Let's step back a bit. This is where I come from, things I've learned and what I see for the future.

Where I come from

It's important to know where you come from - the things that hurt you, made you sad, made you feel not enough or less than - because if you don't understand these things, you can't change them.

I was born allergic to milk. My parents didn't know what was wrong with me. I was 6 months old and weighed 6 pounds. I was starving to death! From birth I learned that my very survival was threatened. I learned that no matter how much I cried my voice wasn't heard (oh it was heard! just not in the way I needed). I learned I was not safe, my needs were not being met and that my voice was disturbing those I loved.

I was the middle child of three. My brother 1 1/2 years older and my sister 9 years younger than me. My teenage years were spent basically being mom to my younger sister. My mom was constantly searching for that man that would make everything better. While my friends were hanging out, I was at home babysitting. It didn't matter that I wanted to be with my friends. This time in my life taught me that what I wanted didn't matter. It taught me that speaking up about what I felt was right only caused major strife and a big argument. I learned to keep my thoughts to myself, don't say anything. Don't rock the boat. I learned that I didn't matter. I became the dutiful daughter, always doing what mom wanted and buried feelings of resentment and anger and rage.

At 29 I married for the second time and have now been together for 30 years. We are a blended family. Bringing two families together, with all our baggage, is no easy task! My husband came from a relationship where he was cheated on and so had trust issues. In our relationship they came out as anger, control, verbal and mental abuse. I again learned to be quiet! I became withdrawn, depressed, and co-dependant. I couldn't make a decision for myself , went along with whatever he or anyone else wanted. I was a shell of a person going through the motions of living. When others saw us together, they thought we were the perfect couple. Oh how well we pretend!

The kids are all grown not and have children of their own. My husband and I have come through many battles. I have learned that I am my own person. I have thoughts and feelings that will not always jive with others. I have learned that I am perfectly imperfect. I am loveable and loved. I have come through the hurdles of self loathing, of not feeling good enough, of feeling like I'm broken and something is wrong with me. Yes, there are parts of me that still hurt, and parts of me that still need healing, but those are just parts of me. They aren't all of me.

Everything that has happened in my life was for my benefit. So I could learn to love myself again. We are human and we all have things in our lives that we need help with. Loving ourselves is one of those things.

What I see for the future

I know that the world needs love and it starts with us. You and me. One day at a time, we learn to love. Having compassion for where we have all come from is a must! We are all learning to be the best we can be, to better ourselves, to be real.

My passion is to help others learn to love themselves again. To help heal the wounds that have kept us in bondage, feeling small and not good enough. We are people made up of mind, body and spirit. In order to heal and love all of who we are, we must see ourselves as whole. We can not only focus on the mind, our physical ailments or spiritual life alone. They are intertwined. One does not function without the other.

As a reflexologist, reiki master and self love coach I bring all my knowledge and life experience to all that I do. Helping you heal from your sole to your soul.

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