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So Much to be Grateful For

There is so much to be #grateful for.

Sometimes, depending on what is going on in life, it can be hard to see those things to be grateful for. All we can see is what isn’t right and we focus on those things.

Money is a huge issue for so many of us at this time. The lack of money causes major stress as well as depression, hopelessness and despair. Always worrying about lack of money becomes front and center in everything we do. “I can’t do that, I don’t have the money”, “I can’t go there, I don’t have the money”, “more bills?!”

There is no question, we need money to live. So how can we change our circumstances and #mindset around money? You know the saying “the definition of insanity is doing the same things and expecting a different result”. We must #change the way we are doing and seeing things.

Being grateful has many benefits. It raises your vibration, makes you feel alive and calms your nervous system. And the more you find to be grateful for, the more you notice things to be grateful for.

If you’re in a place that seems hopeless and there seems to be no way out, be grateful for the small things. Be grateful that you have food to eat and a bed to sleep in, clean sheets, green grass. Rain and a great thunder storm are some things that I just love. The smell of freshly mowed grass. Children playing, listening to great music. The fact that you could buy some groceries and make a payment on your credit card. By noticing things to be grateful for, you are changing your thought patterns which changes your body’s vibration, which changes your reality.

Look daily for things to be grateful for. And then feel the gratitude in your body. Allow your body to relax. Drop your shoulders and unclench your stomach. #Breathe deeply and feel your breath fill all those tight spots within you. Hold the breath inside and feel your body expand. Exhale through your mouth and with the out breath feel all your anxiety, worry, sadness and whatever other feeling that doesn’t uplift you to leave your body with your breath. Imagine it all leaving your body. Then on the next inhale, imagine your body filling with light. Repeat this process as many times as necessary.

We are in a time when we must #be conscious of our thoughts and actions. We can’t keep going through life on auto pilot. If we do, we will get more of what we do not want. So, make the choice to be aware of your thoughts. If they are taking you down a rabbit hole, consciously make the decision to change them to something you’re grateful for, breathe deeply a few times and notice how you and your circumstances begin to change.

Written by Tina Carter

Sole to Soul TLC

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