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The Inward Journey

The inward journey can be very daunting to most. It requires strength, courage, and perseverance.

The journey inward touches every part of your life from relationships, career, your perception of everything. It challenges your beliefs, how you relate to others, and how you treat yourself.

Man looking out over water at sky for the journey within

Most people won’t take this road but, for those that do, it is the hardest most rewarding journey they will ever take. The inward journey is a journey of self-discovery and it turns everything upside down and sideways. It is an un-learning of pretty much EVERYTHING and a re-learning of who you are as a human spirit travelling this earth.

The Only Constant in Life is Change

We don’t typically like change. We like things to stay the same but the problem with that is life becomes stagnant and predictable. Where there’s stagnation (no movement) dis-ease sets in. For example, a body of water that has no movement becomes green with algae, is full of bugs and mosquitoes, and if you drank it, it would make you sick. Similarly in our lives stagnation breeds boredom, restlessness and discontent. This is why there are so many getting divorce or cheating on their spouse, bickering back and forth, and anger comes to the forefront in almost every area of life.


The inward journey requires us to get real with ourselves, discover what makes us angry, sad, hurt and excited. As children we learned coping mechanisms – being quiet, hiding our anger, not speaking up when we were scared, or we became angry at everything and everyone, acted out, becoming the center of attention at every gathering. We learned coping strategies because we learned it wasn’t safe or acceptable to just be and feel who we were. Now, as adults we get to choose to take a different approach to life.


We get to question everything! Do I really believe that? Why do I allow him/her to speak to me like that? Why did I react that way? What am I feeling in this moment? Do my thoughts take me to the past or the future to often? Can I sit in silence and just be in this moment? Am I willing to make changes or am I settling to keep the peace? What would happen if I spoke what I thought? The more questions we ask the more questions we have. And the more questions we ask we realize that we don’t really know ourselves like we thought we did!

A Lifelong Process

We are humans made up of mind, body and spirit. We can’t separate these three aspects of our selves. We try to live from the mind, which is where most live from, but we dismember our body and spirit. The inward journey requires us to re-member our body and spirit in order to remember who we are. We are humans having a spiritual experience but we are also spiritual beings having a human experience. Taking the inward journey is a lifelong process of relearning all of who we are.

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