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Calm in the Chaos

I feel that there are a lot of energies going around that we may pick up and not be aware of. I remember before I was aware of energy, I used to go into a mall feeling fine but by the time I left I was totally exhausted! Or I would be angry for no apparent reason. Once I became aware of energy, I realized I was picking up other people’s energy and carrying it as my own.

Everything and everyone is made of energy. People have thoughts and those thoughts create energy within the body. For example, say I’m thinking of a planned road trip to see my girlfriend. The energy that produces in me is excitement and anticipation of how great it will feel to reconnect with her, how much fun we will have together etc. I would be easy to be around because my energy would be uplifting. On the other hand, if I was thinking I’ll never be able to afford to go see her and the car probably wouldn’t make it that far before breaking down the energy I would produce may be anger, which would lead to depression and despair. And, if I came in contact with other people at that point, it would not be very fun to be around me because my energy is heavy.

The world is going through a major shift in consciousness right now and the energies are very chaotic. Does that mean we have to be swept up with all of it? Absolutely not but there are things we need to do in order for us to go through life with peace.

Grounding is very important to stay centered in who you are. Imagine a tube or funnel going from 5D consciousness in to you through the top of your head carrying on through your neck and down your spine splitting at your hips and going down each leg coming together at the bottom of your feet and going down into the center of the earth. Now imagine the earth’s healing, transforming energy coming up that same tube traveling the same path to the top of your head. Allow the energies to co-mingle within your body. Feel them as the expand and fill you to your fullest. Now imagine those energies going out from your solar plexus and surrounding your physical body, like a bubble. You can put an intention into the energy if you choose – something like “I am protected from all that does not serve me today” or “I allow only love into my bubble today”. I ground myself in the morning to set my day. Sometimes I need to do it again throughout the day depending on who I’ve been with or what I’ve been around.

Your breath is what gives you life. If you don’t breathe, you don’t exist. Focusing on your breathe brings you to a still place, quiets your mind and expands you from within. Sit comfortably and just notice your breath. Are you breathing only into your belly or chest? Is your breath shallow? Slow or fast? Now take a deep breath – from your root chakra (pelvic area) all the way to the top of your head. As you do watch your breath fill every part of you. Watch it fill your belly, your chest, throat and brain. Hold it in the expanded form for 4-6 seconds. Now watch your breath as it leaves your body – brain, throat, chest, belly. Like a balloon, watch yourself expand and contract with your breath.

Daily practices like these bring you to a place of calm and when you are calm life is not as chaotic.

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