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About Tina

Helping you Heal from your Sole to your Soul 

Meet Tina Carter

Self-Love Coach - Reiki Master - Reflexologist

We are all on this journey we call life together. There isn't one of us that doesn't have emotional issues to deal with and work through in our lives.​


I learned early in life to keep the peace and please everyone else. My needs didn't matter. I didn't matter. I wore many masks to try and "fit in" and "belong".  I married young and had two children then divorced. As a single parent, I did what had to be done. Fast forward six years when I married again. We became a blended family of six which brings with it all kinds of craziness. Each one bringing their own baggage.

I've come through depression. co-dependancy and feeling unworthy and not accepted. 

I believe we are here, on this earth, to learn how to love ourselves again. Childhood traumas cause us to shut down who we are meant to be. When those traumas are not healed we will always suffer as an adult. Bitterness, anger, betrayal, abandonment, guilt and shame are all a part of our human experience. Life happens and those are the glasses we see through. But, when we can get to the root of those issues, and work through them to bring healing, then we can be who we were meant to be. The truth is, each one of us is of value. Each one of us is loved beyond measure. And, each one of us is here for a reason.​​

Life truly is a journey, sometimes it's an awesome ride and other times not so much! Learning to go with the flow is part of the ride. My journey has brought me to a place of loving and respecting all of who I am. 

I'm proud to be a contributing writer for:

Sibella Magazine - For the Spirit and Soul of Women

Phoenix Fitness Fanatics Magazine - Elevating your Mind, Body & Spirit

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