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Helping you Heal from your Sole to your Soul 

Meet Tina Carter

Life Coach - Reiki Master - Reflexoligist

My name is Tina Carter and I'm the owner and founder of Sole to Soul TLC certified in Law of Attraction life coaching, reiki, and reflexology. 

I always felt like I was just going through the motions in my life. I knew there had to be more to life than what I was living and feeling. I was depressed, lonely, and very co-dependant. I didn't even know who "I" was. 

I have done a lot of physical, emotional and spiritual healing in my life and although I'm not perfect, I am perfectly imperfect. ​

My passion is to help guide others in their life journey to  realize their value and worth by empowering them to heal their hurts and fears and step into feeling healthier, gaining clarity to make positive life choices, and to be excited about life.

Life truly is a journey and I am honoured to be able to help you find what you're looking for whether that be peace, better health, or a deeper spiritual connection.

I am a wife, mother, and grandmother of five amazing grandchildren. I enjoy walking, reading, meditation, coffee with friends, and spending time with my family.

And I am here to help you heal from your Sole to your Soul.

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Helping you Heal from your Sole to your Soul