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Thoughts on Self Love

Our thoughts create our life. What you think about is what you get. You’ve heard of the power of your words – well the power of your thoughts is even more powerful.

We’ve been taught to feel less than, not good enough, to feel unworthy and undeserving. Everyone struggles with these four issues. The media, our parents, friends all contribute to these feelings of not good enough.

When we dwell on these thoughts it brings more of the same. If we say “I can’t do that”, “I never win anything”, “no one loves me”, "I'm not good enough" etc guess what – that’s exactly what happens and we get more of the same!

All these thoughts come from a place of hurt within you. Maybe you were trying your best at something when you were small and your parents told you you could never do that. As a child you were hurt and stopped trying – believing you could never do that.

Everything is #energy. When you #believe you can’t do something, you send that energy out to the Universe and the Universe says “ok, they believe they can’t so lets make sure that’s true”.

We all have choice. We can believe the lower energies of unbelief, unworthiness etc or we can believe the higher energy beliefs of I am worthy, I can do that – even if I fail at least I tried. I deserve to have all I desire – not because of what I’ve done or not done but just because I exist.

The Law of Attraction

When you begin to think like this, everything begins to change. You feel lighter and hopeful, your countenance begins to change, and people begin to treat you differently.

You see, when you love yourself, others love you. When you respect yourself, others respect you. When you are at peace with who you are and accept all of who you are, the world responds to you differently.

It’s the law of cause and affect, the law of attraction. What you think comes back to you. So, wouldn’t it be better to think “what if”.

What if I won that lottery, what if I allowed myself to relax, what if I loved myself? How would that feel? Picture it in your mind. What if I was healthy, what if I had that great job or relationship, what if, what if, what if?. The possibilities are endless!

You are an amazing #soul. You have a purpose on this earth. Your purpose is to learn to love yourself, then the world by sharing yourself and all you’ve learned.

Albert Einstein said “ Imagination is a preview of life’s coming attractions".

Worry is the process of actively visualizing what you don’t want.


See clearly, in your mind’s eye what you DO want. Imagine yourself one year in the future as if you already possess what you desire – what do you feel, who are you with, what do you see, taste, hear. Use all your senses. Allow yourself to feel what you want to experience. Sit with this for a few minutes.

When you believe and feel it all, it will begin to happen as if by magic.

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