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Listen to Your Body

Your body talks to you all the time. Are you listening to it? We are made in an amazing way. Everything works together, mind, body and spirit.

There are times when you feel amazing. Your health is good, you feel energized, happy and on top of the world. At these times we take our bodies for granted not really paying much attention to it.

Then there are times when you don’t feel so great. Your stomach hurts, your head hurts, you have a kink in your neck that won’t go away, your hip hurts, your knees crack or your chest feels heavy for no apparent reason.

This is the way your body talks to you. It gives signals that something isn’t right in your inner self. Pay attention, you’re body is telling you something. Don’t just write it off as flu, or you twisted something, or you didn’t get a good sleep.

For example, if your stomach hurts, it could be you are having trouble digesting certain issues in your life. If your neck hurts you may be being stubborn and refusing to see someone else’s point of view. If your head hurts at the neck base you may be feeling some guilt and aren’t able to forgive yourself. If you hip hurts, you may be feeling a lack of support or are afraid to take a step forward in your life. If your knees hurt or crack you may be holding on to past anger and if your chest feels heavy you may be dealing with relationship issues or feel worthless and have low self esteem.

Listen to your body. Take the time to sit still and ask “what is causing my neck to hurt, or my knee” or “What’s causing my brain fog”. Then listen for the answer. This is where your mind, body and spirit work together. We need all three parts of us to make the whole. Listening to your inner self takes practice. Gently allowing yourself to question your body will bring you more awareness of yourself at a deeper level. Doctors know what they’ve been taught at a medical standpoint but they don’t necessarily know about the spiritual aspect of our bodies. Don’t give your power away to others because you THINK they know best for you. Only you can source out the truth of what’s behind your physical issues.

This is connecting with your body. Your body is your temporary home and it is a gift to you. Learn to listen to it.

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