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Intentions are a way of thinking things into being. They are the thoughts you have concerning a matter. Our thoughts create our life and if we aren't intentional about our mind chatter our lives will be mundane at best.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. It's the perfect time to set some intentions and take an active role in creating what you want.

If you want love and a partner in your life, what are you thinking? Do you thing you’re not good enough, or your to fat or to skinny? Or do you think he/she will be like all the others and it probably won't work out. Well guess what, you’re not going to find a partner because you’re not thinking the right way.

Instead, train yourself to think in another way. Start seeing yourself with someone else. Someone you feel safe with, who has the same values as you and is fun to be with. What do you feel like, how does it change the way you see yourself? Do you feel hope, excitement, and joy inside? When you start focusing on what you want instead of what you don’t have or why you’ll never get it – that is setting an intention. You set yourself up to receive.

This is true for every area – your job, finances, where you live, how your children behave. You have the choice and the ability to create your life by the thoughts and intentions you set for yourself.

Instead of thinking you’re always broke and have no money, start imagining yourself with more money than you can imagine. Dream big! What would it feel like? How much would your life change? Instead of thinking your kids never listen to you, imagine what it would be like if they did. How would that change the dynamics of your family? Would there be more peace, more respect, more fun? What about your job? Instead of thinking how much you hate your job, think about your dream job. What would it look like? Would it be in the same field of work? How would it make you feel?

If you believe you can or can’t – you’re right! If you believe you can do something you can. The same is true if you believe you can’t do something. So raise the bar on your life. Start setting intentions that will bring love, prosperity and joy to your life. It may not happen over night, but with consistent awareness of your thoughts, things will begin to change.

Don’t be stuck just going through life enduring what comes your way. Take an active role and start setting intentions for the life you want!

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