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Everyone has #emotions. Fear anxiety, anger, rage, guilt, forgiveness. We are human. We have emotions. It's what we do with those emotions that count.

Emotions are energy-in-motion. Everything is #energy. The earth, the air we breathe, the clothes we wear, the chair we sit on. Everything is made up of energy. Energy is constantly moving and always changing.

Emotions are energy-in-motion. Energy is constantly moving and always changing.

When we have emotions within us that haven't been dealt with or felt, when we have stuffed or pushed down our emotions - the energy becomes stuck. Eventually those stuffed emotions have to come out in some way. Usually they come out in the form of health problems such as eczema, a cold or flu, allergies, heart attack, liver failure, cancer. Just about any physical ailment is the result of an unhealed emotion.

Stuffing Emotions

We've been taught very well to stuff our emotions. Our parents said, "stop crying or I'll give you something to cry about" so we stuffed our feelings of hurt, sadness and pain. At school we stuffed emotions because we wanted to fit in with the crowd. At our jobs we stuffed emotions in order to keep our job, and on and on it goes.

I believe we are at a crucial time where we're being asked to stop living from our head and start living from our #heart. The problem is we don't even know how to do that anymore. We've been so conditioned to live from our head, to do the "right" things, say the "right" things, act the "right" way that we've become robots in a way. And all along, we've been stuffing our emotions!

If you've ever watched a baby for any time a smile comes to your face. They laugh, cry, burp, fart, and throw up. They don't think about it, they just do it. They let their emotions out. When they're tired they go to sleep. Life is easy. As they get a little older they dance, throw a fit, run and play. They never stop and think about what they're doing. They are in the moment and do what comes natural to them.

We, as adults, need to get back to being like a baby, being real. Being authentic. And we can only do that by feeling and healing from our buried emotions.

Do you ever wonder why you're so angry? You can be having a great day but then something happens and all of a sudden you're blowing up! Or someone looks at you the wrong way and you thing you've done something wrong. Or someone tells a story and you think they're talking about you in a negative way.

This is all because of your perception. The lenses you see through. The lenses of buried emotions. Do you wonder why you don't have many true friends? You attract what you think. So, if you thing you're not worthy, undeserving, unlovable - that's what others see in you too. The bottom line is you feel this way because of your stuck, unhealed emotions.

As I said before, everything is energy. When your energy vibrates at these lower frequencies, this is what you attract more of into your life.

Healing your emotions

#Healing your emotional state, while not always easy, is the only way for you to come to the place in your life where you feel loved and at peace. It's a journey that will take a lifetime to complete.

Start by #allowing yourself to recognize that you hurt. Try and pinpoint the things that trigger you. Finding the triggers is the first step and from there you can ask yourself what it's triggering. What feeling does it bring up? Anger, sadness, rage, frustration, abandonment, worry? Allow yourself to sit with the feeling without telling yourself a story to go with it. It's said that it only takes 90 seconds for a feeling to pass through you. #Feel the feeling. Allow it.

#Journaling is very therapeutic. After you've sat with the feeling, write out your experience. Writing it out helps the energy of that feeling to leave your body. You make room within yourself for new feelings to come in and replace what left. How do you feel now? Tired, drained, exhilarated, nothing at all? Write it all down without censorship. Your journaling does not have to have proper punctuation or spelling!

Focus on your #breath. After you've journaled, sit quietly and focus on you breath for a few minutes. This will bring you to your centre. Watch your breath go in through your nose and out through your mouth. Watch it as it travels in through you nose filling your head, travelling down your throat, your chest, stomach, abdomen and pelvis and as you breathe out watch it leave your body the same way. Do this 3 to 5 times. Notice how you feel more relaxed and calm.

Daily practices like these are just that. Practices. Tools to help you heal. Making them daily habits will bring you to a different place in your life. A place of understanding yourself better and a place of more peace.

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